What is my Borrower ID? 

Your Borrower ID is the 13 digit number below the barcode on your library card. (Don’t type in spaces when using it to log in.)

What is my PIN? 

Your PIN is usually the last 4 digits of your phone number. If this does not work, please ask library staff to check for you.

Can I return materials from other libraries to the Preston Public Library?

Yes, you can. They will be checked in and returned to the owning library through our daily delivery service. The only exception is Rochester Public Library. They have a different automation system from the rest of the SELCO public libraries, so we are not able to actually “check their items in” at our library. Their procedure, however, is to backdate items they receive from other libraries through delivery by one week which should allow for delivery time and prevent you from receiving an overdue charge.

Do library hours change with the seasons? 

No, they don’t. They remain the same all year round.

Can I check out magazines from the library?

Yes, you may.  All magazines go out for 3 weeks.