Congratulations Summer Reading Participants

A total of 93 young people participated in the reading part of our program.  Teens read a total of 42,776 pages, the highest number of pages since 2003.  Reader group had an all time record of 69,480 minutes read. Read-to-Me group enjoyed 1,904 books read to them and Cuddle me were read to a total of 504 days.  Top readers for Teens are Shira A (15,134) and Katelin E (12,750).  For Reader group there are Gabrielle S (8460) and Xavier P (7380).  Top readers in Read-to-Me group are Aeric F (420) and Greta K (212).

Chic’s Pizza and the Preston Public Library donated grand Prizes for the summer reading program.  Additional weekly treats and prizes were donated by the following business:  B & B Bowl, Weber & Judd Pharmacy, Johnson’s Hardware, Preston Foods, Sweet Stop, Trailhead Inn and the Preston Motor Mart.